Dr. Harald Plank

Graz University of Technology


Harald Plank has a background in Physics and holds a Professorship at the “Institute of Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis” at “Graz University of Technology” in Graz, Austria. His research focus lies in the field of additive, direct-write nanofabrication using focused electron/ion beams with a strong focus on additive 3D nanoprinting, which was pioneered in his workgroup during the past decade. Based on his history in this field, the activities range from fundamental aspects to real-world applications. While the former provides the basis for exploiting the full potential of the technology, the latter uses its unique advantages to generate novel scientific approaches as well as radically new concepts for industrially relevant applications. For the latter, predictability, precision and reliability are essential and are therefore a major focus. In short, Harald Plank's aspiration is to create new concepts in the field of 3D nanoprinting for the transfer to real-world applications, based on the fundamental understanding of the involved processes.