Gradimir Dimitrijevic

Blood Transfusion Institute


Gradimir Dimitrijevic was born in Novi Sad 13.05 1955. Elementary school and Gymnasium (High School),finished as excellent pupil 1974. and then I started Medical faculty in Novi Sad. Father of daughter and son. I am one of those to whom the profession is in front of him, rather than his personal interest.


Completed Medical Faculty at 1981. As a stipend's of British Council I was at London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine 1987/88 year where I worked on AIDS in Serbia from epidemiological aspect. During that period I participated at First Global conference on AIDS in London.

In 1993, I have completed Specialization in Transfusion medicine at Medical Faculty in Novi Sad since then have mastered Blood Transfusion

In 1998, I have become the Master of Medical science with scientific work : "Following of changes in some proteins among blood donors at plasmapheresis program".

In 2002, I have attended a seminar entitled "Conceptual Foundation about Managements" by a Company named ADIZES in Belgrade and I have myself organized a Seminar on "Skill in business communication"

In 2003, I havee got trained in "Quality  in Transfusiology Sevres" organized by EAR (European Agency for Reconstruction of the transfusion service in Serbia ) by DreanFarma/Kennet Bioservis, Belgrade.

In 2005, attended a seminar about Haemovigilance  at European haemovigilance seminar in London

I have attended courses of ESTM (European school in transfusion Medicine) in Barcelona in 1993, Bratislava in 2000, Sofia in 2002, Belgrade in 2003, courses in Transfusion Medicine at Patras in 1994, ESO (European Oncology school) at Delfi in 1995, Rome in 2001.

Membership in Professional Associations :

Few in Serbia, ISBT (International  Society of Blood Transfusion), AABB (American Association of Blood Banks ), ELTA (European liver transplant association), WAA (World apheresis association), ESFA (European society of apheresis ), ESO ( European school in Oncology), and member of Serbia's team for scientific  surveillance  in transfusion. Member in Safe community ,part of WHO.
On 1.01 2003. I was appointed as a National coordinator for the reconstruction of the transfusion in Serbia. Later on I was a member of the commission for blood processing in European Agency for Reconstruction, in 2003 was a member of a team who wrote 8 Guidelines in transfusiology.
Was a member of Ministry of Health with the team who prepare tender lists for EAR (European Agency for reconstruction ) for equipments for the Transfusion Institutes in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. As a member of Serbia's team for scientific surveillance in transfusion I was in surveillance of Belgrade Institute and some others.

Employment record :

My carrier started in Kikinda as a doctor of urgent medicine 1985. In1985/86 ,as a doctor, I was in HK Jordan ,with petrol company Naftagas. Today it is NIS  petrol bought by Russians .
1986/87 again as a doctor of urgent medicine I was in Ruma .
1987/88 I was at London school of hygiene and tropical medicine  in London.
17.10 1988 .I am at Institute of blood transfusion of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, till today.
As a specialist in blood transfusion I started my carrier at apheresis and performed first alogen  PBSC collection in Vojvodina  region. Then I performed ambulatory transfusion in cooperation with hematology and oncology. And for the first time at home ,but not for a long period. At that time I was the only transfusion specialist performing invasive and semi invasive apheresis  procedures and all alogen PBSC.
1.01 2003.I become National coordinator for the reconstruction of the transfusion service in Serbia.
25.08 2003. I become a deputy director of my Institute in Novi Sad.
With Quality service in my Institute we started microbiological and qualitative testing some blood products, we started evidence of mistake announcements, robots in blood processing, and modernize work with the new equipment.

Publication :
My first paper work as a student on "Psychopathology of laughing" in 1977. Later, I have published & presented more than 50 papers in scientific journals, congresses, seminars, or abroad.

Iam the only author from Vojvodina region and have written Bela Balint ,Transfusiology - author of one part in the book in 2004, Svetlana Stefanovic,Svjetlana Maglaic, Newborn jaundice - author of one part in 2005, Dusan Pajic, Surgery (I wrote a segment about component therapy in surgery), 8 guidelines in transfusiology.